Dedicated to the preservation and ownership of Norton motorcycles

 We welcome anyone with an interest in riding and preserving vintage   machines of all kinds, but obviously, we have a soft spot for Nortons.   

We are very much a ride and rally club.  Everything we do revolves around getting Nortons and their riders out to our rallies and other related events. That is our goal, plain and simple.  We do this so that you can get the most out of your vintage riding experience.  Come to our rallies. Ride or drive anything, we don’t care, as long as you share our passion for Nortons.

Despite indisputable fast speeds on the track and on the streets, and absolutely unbelievable handling, not to mention the sweetest rumble that you’ve ever heard, and a design aesthetic that is unmatchable, the Norton motorcycle has had many naysayers and detractors.  Its untrusted electrics earned the name “Prince of Darkness.”  But did you know that a simple little thing like a jar of Vaseline solves all of those connection problems forever?  The 1972 Combat Commando engine was overstressed and known to “blow up”, but with Superblend bearings, the Combat is actually the most desirable Norton.  I’m still riding mine today.  So when you know the tricks, you have a very reliable machine that will not only outlast you, but pretty well all other bikes on the road.  History has already proven this.   

The ONO is filled with many experienced riders, some of whom have owned their Nortons since brand new!  These members have an invaluable wealth of knowledge.  That, combined with our affiliation with the INOA (International Norton Owners Association) and the NOC (Norton Owners Club) gives our members an introduction to the whole world of Nortons.  

We know Nortons.  That’s why we ride our 40-year-old machines with confidence.  Even if you can’t make it to our rallies, join our club for the camaraderie of a unique group of individuals.  Really, the $20 membership fee is worth it just for the quarterly issues of the NOMAD.


  Your President and Fellow Nomad,  

  Manse James